Empowering Educators
to Advance Student Success

Help connect learners with the expert resources and learning support they need. Choose a platform that your learners will instinctively know how to use.

Any Audience, Any Time, Anywhere

We don’t believe that one solution works for all. We believe in flexibility. That’s why we designed a learning platform that offers unmatched customizations and control.

For Educators

Schools | Colleges | Universities | Training Institutes

Facilitate distance learning or enhance your offline traditional teaching. Get more time to teach and inspire learners to build learning communities for better education.

For Trainers

Corporate Trainers | Health Mentors | Wellness Coaches

Share your branded training material efficiently. Build your training topics and reshare the contents with new learners quickly. Analyse your learners' engagement to sell more.

For Managers

Healthcare | Retail | Manufacturing | Franchise | Hospitality | Food & Beverage

Training is essential to streamline the processes required. Reach thousands of learners across all departments and ensure consistency in standardized procedures and core brand values.

For Companies

Call Centers | Non-Profit Organizations | Technology | Automotive

Quick onboarding lets you do more with less. Equip your teams with the right set of skills and knowledge to handle just about every possible case. Build better employees.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface lets you easily build your contents using your phone and without any prior e-learning expertise.

Share topics with your audience using QR codes

A topic is the place for all your curated training material - assignments, quizzes, documents and files.

Build your topics using Learniac Web / Mobile.

Share the QR code to make a topic public, keep it private by adding learners manually.

Link user groups to automate topic onboarding. Add multiple educators to collaborate on a single topic.

Topic availability date allows you to schedule it for a future date.

Build engaging contents with quizzes, multi-choice questions and projects

Learniac Assessment Engine supports multiple types of assignments.

Multi-choice questions support audio, video and images attachments.

Project type is built for manual evaluation. Learners are allowed to upload files with submission.

Time bound quizzes, points and leaderboards gamify the overall learning experience and improves learners engagement.

Upload media and documents

Record and upload your quick video or audio presentation using Learniac Mobile. Support for uploading pre-recorded media contents and documents.

Provision to link contents from other web-sources.

Add meaningful titles to uploaded contents, provision to reorder files anytime.

In-depth learning Analysis

Learniac records user activities, points gained and time taken for each assignment.

Learniac Analysis Engine provides in-depth analysis of every quiz, assignment and topic.

Analyse answers and time taken for each question in the quiz. See per assignment leaderboard.

Weekly topic performance report shows learning progress based on accuracy achieved.

Learners see overall progress statistics across multiple topics in a single view.

Powerful access control, quick user onboarding

Invite members using valid email addresses or mobile numbers.

Limit user access to certain functionalities via custom user permissions.

With extensible profiles add custom info fields to user profiles.

Support for bulk actions to minimize your administrative overhead.

Communication Methods

Efficiently communicate with others using Messages or News Feed.

Send notifications about calendars, circulars, or personal alerts through messages. Support for one way communication.

News Feed encourages learners to post announcements or share interesting stories with everyone else in the organization. It helps build learners’ communities and improves engagement.

Support for custom news channels to improve organization.

Calendars and Notifications

Learniac has an inbuilt events calendar system with powerful scheduling algorithms.

Create Holidays, Weekly or Custom calendars and share with your audience.

Users subscribe calendars in order to add events to their tasks list.

Create personal tasks to organize your work and be on top of every upcoming event.

Push notifications are sent as reminders for all important events & communications.

Customizations- App Branding, Banners and Info Links

Customize mobile app colors to match your brand requirements.

Upload multiple banners to improve your brand awareness.

Put critical information on everyone's fingertips using Info Links.

Remotely manage customizations to keep your branding up-to-date.

Why Learniac?

Learniac is the all-in-one training and communication platform lets you spend more time on training and less time on admin.


A Learner-First Design

Intuitive tools and controls makes the platform ridiculously easy to use. Engage learners with powerful multimedia content and a modern, mobile-friendly interface.


Saves Time

Paperless assignments workflow allows educators to create, review and mark assignments quickly, all in one place.


Enhances Communication

Centralized communication for all academic and campus community information. Abandon outdated communication methods.


Quick Onboarding

Invite users by Emails or Mobile numbers. Onboarded users in bulk using CSV import feature. Easily move users from one role to the next.


Stay Up-to-date

Keeps everyone on top of the upcoming tasks with calendars and push notifications. Missed deadlines are about to become extinct.


Improves Organisation

Learners get everything at one place, accessible anytime and anywhere.


Foster Learners' Engagement

Learners get notified for new assignments instantly. Attempting questions and quizzes on the phone is super easy and fun. Learners keep practicing quizzes and get addicted to success.



LEARNIAC aps communicates with the server over a secure protocol (HTTPS). LEARNIAC contains no-ads and never uses your content or learners data for advertising purposes.

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  • - Centralize communication all-in-one place
  • - Simpler & more accurate tracking and assessment
  • - Perfect way to build assignments on phone